Now Who is Being Reckless With Whose Money?

It is not hard to understand why Bill Clinton believes that the extra money the government extracted from the citizens should go to pay debts he has incurred.

It is easy for him to refer to a $792 billion tax cut as “reckless”, because it isn’t his money. He didn’t cut corners on his family budget to make sure his taxes were paid. He didn’t forego the purchase of another car, or the dream vacation, or private schooling and expensive college . . . because the government took too much of his hard-earned money.

In fact he just spent a weekend with people who have contributed over $50,000 to his political party, and at the same time is telling people who don’t make that much annually, that they should stop being selfish about wanting “their” money back.

If it is reckless to return money to the taxpayers . . . is it not equally as reckless to spend money on wasteful projects?

The answer to paying down the debt . . . is to stop spending money that increases it. . .

And if a person is given $10 for a $5 item, they are expected to give the $5 back in change . . . or its called theft. So, Mr. President, who is being reckless again?