Sometimes the Prayers of the Righteous Take Years to be Answered

When the Soviet Union rejected communism, freedom of religion became an accepted part of life.

In one area, where Bibles had been confiscated and stored in warehouses for decades, the churches asked if they could have them. These Bibles belonged to people who loved the Lord and had been persecuted and killed for their faith.

When one church was given permission to have the Bibles, they recruited students from the local university to load them from the warehouse into trucks. One young man, an avowed atheist, agreed to help because the pay was attractive. He ridiculed the church leaders for wanting to distribute mythology again and laughed at their devotion to a simple book.

After a few hours of hard work, they noticed the young man was missing. One of the church members found him sitting in a corner of the warehouse, holding one of the Bibles, weeping quietly. He lifted the book to reveal that the one Bible, he happened to pick up, to continue his ridicule of the Christian faith . . . was his grandmother’s

. Her persecution and death had hardened his heart to God . . . and now . . . the miracle of her living faith had melted it.