The Double Standard Democrats are on the Prowl Again

In an incredible show of partisan hypocrisy, the Democrats are huffing and puffing and insisting that George W. Bush answer the question of the century… “Has he ever done cocaine?”

He should of course respond he would be glad to answer that as soon as Bill answers the questions… “Did he rape Juanita, expose himself to Paula, know the Chinese were being given classified information, and… what is in his medical records?”

We seem to have survived as a Republic not knowing the answers to these questions, and we certainly won’t perish if we don’t know if Bush did cocaine as a young man. More serious questions to ask George Bush would be, “How many sovereign nations does he plan to bomb while covering his back side? How many times will he lie to the American people about reducing taxes while vetoing the largest tax cut in history? How many times did he dodge the draft and declare his loathing of the military?”

These questions are far more important to ask of George W. Bush than whether or not he did cocaine. This is Nina May suggesting that the Democrats get the logs out of their own eyes first.