The Flawed Theory of Why Bill Does What He Does

There are flaws in Hillary’s theory about why Bill Clinton does what he does.

She claims that because of the conflicts between the mother and grandmother that he has a great need to make everyone happy.

If that is the case, he would not veto the tax cut bill and give everyone back their hard earned money . . . that would make everyone happy. Start telling the truth to the American people . . . that would make everyone happy.

But the other part of the theory is that he is addicted to sex because of the same reason. But how would Hillary know that?

She denied Jennifer Flower’s allegations on national T.V. She claimed the Lewinsky scandal was part of a vast right wing conspiracy . . . she has refused to acknowledge or give credence to any other claim brought by the myriad of other women against her husband . . . so now he’s the sex addict?

What made a believer out of her? Or did she just happen to know it all along, but now it is politically expedient to abandon loyalty. But if all of this is true and he legitimately has a psychological problem… should the American people have been shown his medical records, or is all of this still no one’s business?