To Truly Reflect America, the Democrats Need to be More Open Minded

California Democrats have decided that the fairest way to reflect America is to have a quota system for all their delegates.

The breakdown is as follows .. . twenty six percent will be Hispanic, sixteen percent black, ten percent disabled, nine percent Asian-Pacific Islander, five percent gay, five percent lesbian and one percent Indian.

That’s seventy two percent and they haven’t even mentioned Caucasoids. What do they do if someone qualifies on two or three counts? Which quota is filled? What happens if they accidently get six percent gay because one percent is Hispanic and gay… will they be told they don’t qualify because they are over the gay quota? Won’t that be illegal to ask about someone’s sexual orientation and then dismiss them because of it? And what if two percent of the men are cross-dressers and qualify as women and then it is discovered they are men… will they be told they can’t be delegates? It is interesting that there is no quota for the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy… shouldn’t that small minority be represented in order to truly reflect the face of America?

This is Nina May suggesting that the Democrats shouldn’t try and make their party look like America… either it does or it doesn’t.