Warren Beatty for President?

So Warren Beatty wants to be President. I don’t know why we are surprised . . . a President’s wife wants to be Senator, a wrestler is governor . . . why not an actor for President?

This might finally silence the anti-Reagan detractors. But if Warren wants to be President, he is going to need a bigger platform than just “getting big money out of politics” and “changing economic disparities in American life.”

Of course to exemplify his concern for the plight of the less fortunate, he is surrounding himself with very wealthy people as advisors. But where does he stand on school vouchers that would benefit the poor?  Tax cuts that help the middle class, and deregulation of government that would help everyone?

He claims to be a sixties liberal which is now very status quo. Where is the revolution?

It might work in a movie having a millionaire actor playing the part of the voice of the down-trodden. But it will be a little hard to swallow worn-out, socialist rhetoric, about redistribution of wealth, while the spokesman is a millionaire.

His wealthy advisors need to tell him that no matter how good an actor he is . . . this will be a very difficult role to play.