What’s Good for the Hindu is Good for the Christian

Everyone has witnessed the incredible power and influence of the homosexual lobby. This is not a group selling a product, or an industry that is being over-regulated by the government. It is a lobbying group that is representing personal behavior that is very self-serving and does nothing to enhance the value of life for all Americans. And anyone with sincerely held religious beliefs are forced to abandon them, accept this lifestyle, teach their children that it is normal behaviour, or be branded as bigots, homophobes, or intolerant.

But what if another very influential lobby, such as the meat producers of America, representing ranchers and butchers, insisted that all Americans eat beef… including those devoted Hindus who see the cow as sacred, and anything harming the cow as an abomination to their faith.

Everyone would rally to their aid and tell the meat industry to get out of their face… to give them the freedom to practice their religion, and raise their children in their faith without the meat industry calling them intolerant, bigots or meatophobes.

This is Nina May asking, should Christians be treated with any less respect?