When a First Lady Leaves a Lasting Legacy For Her Country, Everyone Benefits

While United States is keeping God out of the public arena, a country in Central America is welcoming Him with open arms.

When her husband became President of Guatemala, three years ago, Patricia Arzu was asked what her “project” would be as the new First Lady.

She said, “I want to make sure ever single child in school has a Bible of their own.”

She also understood the importance of teaching moral values in the schools and relied on text books and materials that had been used in the United States . . . before God was banned.

She also works to bring the parents into the training and has a project that teaches the mothers about parenting skills based on Biblical principals.

This project is totally funded by the private sector and she has her detractors, to be sure, but Patricia Arzu is not deterred.

The lasting legacy that one women is leaving the children of Guatemala is far greater, more profound, constructive and positive, than the legacy left to the American children by another woman.

This is Nina May reminding you that one person can make a difference. . . just what kind of difference will it be?