Woodstock 1999 vs. Promise Keepers

The recent Woodstock 99 concert was a disaster by anyone’s standards. Looting, burning, rape, mayhem.  But the reaction has been restrained with explanations ranging from “its just kids having fun,” to “this isn’t the sixties anymore.”

Well that’s true, but arson, rape and larceny are still crimes, no matter what decade you hail from. But what is amazing is the lack of concern about the debauchery against women, when there was such great concern, during the Promise Keepers rally, that women were being forced to be submissive.

The talk shows were buzzing, feminists were pulling out their hair, and liberals were wringing their hands that women could possibly be happy with one man in a committed, loving relationship. There was a cry to liberate the women from this brand of brainwashing by dangerous men.

So dangerous that a million of them, testosterone laden, could gather on the mall, for an entire day, and not have one incident of violence or abuse.

So, let me ask those who condemned Promise Keepers while ignoring the abuse of women at Woodstock 99 . . . which group of men would you want their young virginal daughter walking through alone?