A Special Day For Many Reasons!

This is Nina May. Today marks one year since we have been producing these daily radio commentaries. It also marks 25 years since my husband and I were married.

Many people have asked how a hippy and a member of the ROTC rifle team could have joined up . . . and stayed together.

There are a lot of small reasons like mutual respect, keeping a sense of humor, staying physically and mentally active. But the most important one, is that we have always had God at the center of our marriage.

He is our marriage counselor, physician, and referee .. . Our marriage not only survived, it thrived with God as the head of our home. So I just want to thank my husband for having the courage of his convictions to realize, early on, that he couldn’t be the type of husband he wanted to be . . .without the help of God. And I want to thank him for his humility, his gentleness and kindness, and the pure reflection he has always been of God’s love to me.

There is no greater gift that a man can give a woman than to love her purely, the way God does. So thank you dear for your pure reflection of God’s love, and forgiveness. Happy Anniversary. Oh, by the way .. . he was the hippy.