China Holds its Citizens Accountable by Having Less Laws and Regulations

I just returned from China where I made an incredible discovery. The government there is less involved in people’s lives than in America.

In the large metropolitan city of Anshan, with a population of about three million, there are no traffic lights or stop signs. Everyone is just expected to know how to drive carefully, merge into traffic, slow down at intersections and just use common sense.

It is amazing how creative they can be in accomplishing this. It may entail driving between two lanes of oncoming traffic to finally be able to merge… but it works. And guess what… there are rarely accidents in this city. Seat belts aren’t mandatory, there are no policemen giving tickets for jaywalking, riding bicycles in traffic, or riding in open trucks

. For a communist country, they sure do seem to place a lot of trust in their citizens… at least they hold them accountable for their actions. You may think this is irresponsible… but only if you have allowed the term responsible to be redefined by the government.