In Almolonga, the Pen is Mightier than the Sword

It seems a little ironic that the President and First Lady who are strong opponents of violence, want to grant clemency to 16 Puerto Ricans jailed for 130 violent terrorist acts.

And while they continue to point to Columbine High School as a reason to disarm Americans, Americans are pointing to Waco and arguing why we shouldn’t.

But up above the rhetoric, in the mountains of Guatemala, in a little village of Almolongo, lies the solution to these problems.

This town of fifty thousand people has one policeman and instead of carrying a gun, he has a fountain pen in his shirt pocket … for writing the occasional ticket.

The reason is not because guns have been banned, or citizens have been intimidated by the government, or all the terrorists have been locked up . . . or released.

The reason is that a huge revival hit his city, and what was released was the Spirit of God, and hearts were changed miraculously.

So if America would give God the same chance that Almolonga did, maybe we would see the same kinds of changes here in our own country.

And then we wouldn’t have to listen to political doublespeak anymore. Now that would be a miracle.

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