Is Cross-dressing the Camels Nose Under the Tent?

A female teacher in a public school is complaining that the librarian of the school, who is a man who dresses like a woman . . . uses the ladies room.

She feels it violates her right to privacy and it makes her feel uncomfortable. What is shocking though, is that she isn’t offended that a cross dresser is dealing daily with young impressionable minds. What about their rights?

And if the school continues to allow this behaviour, what is going to keep a group of creative young men from donning dresses one day just to have access to the girls room? Or vice versa?

And if this behaviour is acceptable to society who will protect the young co-ed from a man who dresses in women’s clothing merely for the purpose of gaining access to the girls dorm to commit mayhem?

And if homosexuals can’t be excluded from the Boy Scouts . . .what about cross-dressers? For example a woman who dresses as a man?

And, if she is allowed to join, then why not let women in? Will cross-dressing men then be allowed to join the Girl Scouts? Where do we draw the line on this increased absurdity? Is it only when our personal rights are violated.