People are Animals Too and Deserve the Same Rights We Deserve the Same Rights!

Animal rights activists are very upset by a new genre of film that shows animals being tortured. Yet at every other turn they are the biggest supporters of free artistic expression and feel that anything is acceptable . . . where humans are concerned. That includes gratuitous violence, degradation, suffering, torture, pornography .. . none of which is offensive to them. Just don’t even think of killing an innocent mouse and filming it.

But how can they expect people to be horrified by the killing of a live mouse, when they support the murder of half-delivered children, degrading pornography, and violent films that show no compassion for human beings.

So, a bill has been introduced into Congress that says it would be a crime for anyone to offer any “depiction of animal cruelty” for sale, or face five years in prison. If humans are considered animals . . . would this protection extend to them too?

In some cities, if you DON’T kill a rat in your apartment, you are fined. So, if you filmed the killing of that rat, would you get five years in jail? I’m not for cruelty, just consistency.

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