Reproductive Rights Means Exploitation

Partial Birth Abortion is an Accurate Term

The President of Planned Parenthood feels the term “partial birth abortion” is a PR campaign created to incite and confuse.”

OK, we could call it, “A baby’s body delivered breech, but murdered before the head is through the birth canal?” But that’s sort of long.

Or how about the term infanticide?

But if she is so concerned about manipulative terms that are misleading and confusing, how about “reproductive rights”? That is a euphemism for abortion, forced sterilization, and sex education designed to destroy virtue in young people.

The vast majority of women who have abortions are either forced by their husbands, boyfriends or families to do so. Whose rights prevailed there?

Women in third world countries are told how many children they can have and are forcibly sterilized if they object. Whose reproductive rights prevailed there?

Young kids are told that they should not be restricted by social mores, and explore their sexuality. Whose reproductive rights prevail there?

So, if Planned Parenthood doesn’t like the term Partial Birth Abortion . . .stop promoting the practice. And, stop lying about the term “reproductive rights.”