The Continuing Debate on the Second Amendment has Converts

Scholars are continuing the constitutional discussions concerning the Second Amendment and whether or not the word “militia” refers to “people” or the “military.”

This will take a minute. The Amendment doesn’t say the right of the “military,” it says the “people.”  The same people who formed a more perfect union as in, “We the…”

One scholar said that “the framers couldn’t have intended to bestow a right to armed insurrection.” But that is precisely what they did and what they meant. The idea was that if the government ever got to the point where individual liberties were denied, the citizens could defend themselves, like the patriots did against the British.

Harvard professor, Laurence Tribe, however, has changed his position and finally admits that militia refers to the individual, not the military.  He thinks the Second Amendment assumes that “the Federal government can’t disarm individual citizens without unusually strong justification.”

But what is ironic is that peace-loving liberals, who hate guns and violence have been sending him angry hate mail because he switched his opinion. Lucky for him they don’t own guns.