When Executive Orders are Misused… Tyranny Prevails

What do President Clinton, Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro, and Slobadan Milosovic have in common? They can all act unilaterally without having to clear decisions with the citizens of their country.  The other leaders use their dictatorial power and authority, that was obtained through force or revolution, and our President uses the power of the Executive Order.

When President Clinton released the Puerto Rican Terrorists from jail last week, he basically thumbed his nose at congress, at the citizens, at the judicial system, at the law enforcement agencies and said he could do anything he wanted.

Does that mean if he wanted to give clemency to Timothy McVeigh… also an avowed terrorist… that he could without any accountability?

This is the type of action we have seen and spoken out against in other countries as being irresponsible and inconsistent. But we expect it from Saddam, Fidel, and Slobadon… but we don’t expect the national security of the United States to be put in jeopardy by our Commander in Chief.

This is an action reserved for dictators who care about no one in their country, but themselves.