When Hate Crimes are Blamed on Speech and Not Action… Everyone Loses

Clinton says his only enemy is the “religious right” and he is open in his hatred for them. But he was quick to point the finger at G. Gordon Liddy and other conservative talk show hosts for being “purveyors of hatred and division,” and that they were “encouraging violence” that resulted in the bombing in Oklahoma City.

So now we have a horrible situation in Fort Worth Texas where a deranged person comes into a church and kills seven people while shouting blasphemous statements about God. Could we be so bold as to connect the dots between Clinton’s anger directed at the religious right and this man’s actions? I mean if G. Gordon Liddy can be blamed for Timothy McVeigh’s actions in Oklahoma, and Gary Bauer and the Family Research Council can be blamed for the death of Matthew Shepard, why shouldn’t we blame Clinton for the death of these seven people?

After all, if hate speech is so powerful that people are no longer held responsible for their own actions, then its the speech of others.  Since Clinton openly shows disdain for the “religious right,” then could we assume that he is a “purveyor of hatred and division,” and is “encouraging violence.”?