Big Brother … Stop Watching and Start Doing Something Productive

What do you do about unsolicited pornography that is being sent to you by e-mail?

It is a problem for many people who get spammed constantly. And these are not air brushed centerfolds, these are hardcore, brutal, dehumanizing pictures often involving children. They are clearly illegal, yet the government doesn’t seem interested in stopping this multi-billion dollar illegal industry.

You would think the lost taxes alone would get their blood going. But I have an idea on how to get their attention and maybe get some action.

Since we all know that the government monitors all e-mail and is looking for key buzz words, such as anthrax, fissionable plutonium, North Korea, militia, assassination, bomb, etc., forward all your spammed mail to them using one or all of these hot button words.

Maybe they would see it’s not a plot against the government, but is an illegal plot to destroy the culture. And perhaps we could start cleaning up the internet and our mailboxes.

If the government concerned itself with real threats to the society, and especially our children, and stopped seeing each of us as potential criminals, then maybe we could make the streets safe again for kids to walk on.