Despite What Some Say … We are Slouching Toward Gomorrah

In spite of the fact that doctors will testify that a partial birth abortion is dangerous to the mother, and that they are rarely necessary, there is still a huge lobbying effort to keep these procedures legal.

Maybe the reason is because of what is being “harvested” in these procedures. There is a huge market in the pharmaceutical industry, medical labs and university medical centers for perfect body parts. Which means of course, these are not fatally deformed children being murdered, but almost full-term, fully developed little babies.

But the bigger the organs, the bigger the bucks. There is actually a price list for eyes, lungs, hearts, kidneys . . . and a rate sheet with prices that increase with the age of the baby killed.

It’s funny that “extremists” are considered those who work to stop this holocaust, and the “mainstream” are those who sit back and allow this debauchery to continue.

It transforms the word extreme into a badge of honor and equates complacency with those who turned their back on the mass slaughter of jews in Germany.

Which side of the fence are you on with this issue? The days of straddling are over.