Disdain for Humans

The population control people openly show their disdain for humans. But isn’t that the height of hypocrisy? If they really were concerned about over-population they would eliminate themselves instead of insisting that innocent women eliminate their potential for having children.

This is what is happening around the world with little or no disguise as to the reason. It is the same zeal that Hitler had when discussing the “final solution”. There seemed to be a mathematical imperative to increase the number of deaths thereby decreasing the number of people he felt were inferior.

At a recent United Nations Population Fund briefing, a former UN representative, Jan Fransen, joked that AIDS was helping to do the work of population control in Africa. He declared that the sustainable number the earth can hold is about one billion people, and said the focus on human rights disturbs him because it draws attention away from reaching that goal.

Bottom line . . . if we didn’t worry so much about saving people from suffering and dying we could meet his goal of one billion. I wonder if he’d make the cut.