Don’t Wait For the Government’s Help – Do it Yourself — You ARE the Government

While the government gives lip service to protecting the integrity of the Internet, the perverts still keep pumping their garbage into it.

But instead of complaining, or suing, or being run off-line, people are doing something about it. They are getting either software blockers or signing up for filtered Internet access.

People are also protesting mindless sitcoms, by turning off their sets. Even the sponsors are soliciting new script ideas that they can feel proud to put their names on.

And with video rentals everywhere, you can determine the type of shows your family will see instead of being blind-sided in a new release that says its ok for kids, but its not.

So even though the government, who usually is involved with every detail of our lives, has decided to be hands off in the culture war, the real government . . . which is us . . . is taking an active role. And its not censorship, its choice.

We are choosing entertainment that doesn’t defile, isn’t inane, doesn’t rob our children’s innocence, or invade our privacy at home.

Now isn’t this better than waiting for new laws to be passed?