Happy Birthday little Six Billion

Even though today is supposed to mark the birth of the six billionth person in the world, the population clock says that yesterday, the world population was 6,017,864,898.

It must mean that the anti-population growth people didn’t have their act together sooner and everyone waited until today for them to make a point that the world is too crowded. Or maybe the clock is just wrong.

Did you know today, even working with the slightly larger than 6 billion figure, that you could fit every person in the world in the state of Texas and they would each have approximately 1400 square feet? That’s crowded you say? Tokyo only has 1100 square feet per person, and New York City, 2300 square feet per person. On the other hand, Australia, with 18 million people has about 6 people per square mile.

It’s not the space, its what you do with it, how you manage it, how you organize your infrastructure. So don’t let the anti-population people intimidate you, send them this information, and tell them to move to Australia, and get a life.