If Witchcraft is a Religion… Why is it Taught in School?

The newest book to burn up the Best Seller lists is about a boy named Harry Potter who attends a wizard school to learn how to cast his magic spells.

Children are fascinated by it and adults are eating them up just as fast. Schools are even encouraging kids to read the Harry Potter series, claiming that finally, young boys are getting excited about reading. The only problem is… Witchcraft is a religion.

What about separation of church and state? Oh, don’t be silly you say, these are just harmless stories about the spirit world, about evil spells and encantations . .. You can’t possibly believe that stuff.

I guess no more than you can believe there is a God and heavenly angels.

But if all this talk of the dark spiritual world is so harmless and just child’s play . . .then why is there such a concerted effort to make sure they are not exposed to another spiritual world . . . the one God reigns supreme in?

By denouncing the good and embracing the bad are they saying that God is real after all? They can’t possibly hope that children are only exposed to the works of the devil . . . and not those of God. Or could they? What do you think?

This is Nina May at ninamay.com.