Is Communism Dead… or Thriving Under Different Names?

During any communist revolution or regime, it is imperative to stifle free speech, religion, creativity, academic freedom and free expression.

This is done by imprisoning dissenters who understand the human spirit needs to be nurtured in the soil of liberty. It is done by destroying works of art and literature that express the beauty of creation that inspires people to understand their creator. In some communist regimes we have seen desperate despots even breaking eye glasses, which for them, are symbolic of a desire to learn.

This kind of tyranny has taken on a different form in America. The stifling of free speech is directed at anything that challenges the debasing of society, the degrading of mankind. Education is little more than indoctrination with emphasis on self-gratification and spiritual annhiliation. Great authors like Shakespeare are demeaned as being dead white men, and ideas of spiritual relevance are denounced as mean-spirited and intolerant. But they stop short of breaking the student’s glasses.

They don’t need to. They have destroyed their vision for greatness and virtue already.

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