Jump In, the Water is Fine!

How many times have you heard someone who has sincerely held religious beliefs referred to as being . .. off the deep end.

Deep end of what? A pool with a safe shallow side for wading and splashing like a child? A lake with a safe shore for standing up to your ankles in luke warm water? An ocean where the depths have swallowed ships whole while the shallow end entertains and caresses our suntanned bodies?

It sounds as though people who are in the deep end of life . . . are exploring the depths of their spiritual existence, and understanding their relationship with God and His purpose in their lives.

They are having far more fun than those standing on the shore throwing stones at them. But isn’t it interesting, that even being “off the deep end,” that these people never seem to sink?

What is it that keeps people of faith bouncing back, buoyant on life’s waves?

Could it be that the deep end holds more revelation and mystery than those in the shallow end are willing to accept or believe?

But it is a very large pool . . . and it has a deep end for a purpose . . . to jump in and use.

This is Nina May, exploring the deep end of life. Join us for a dip, at ninamay.com.