Queen Esther II (Haman and the Noose)

As King Xerxes’ chief advisor, Haman, was plotting to kill all the Jews in the Kingdom, he didn’t realize that Queen Ester was Jewish. He didn’t realize that by raising his hand against an unknown enemy, he was in fact raising his hand against his Queen . . . the beloved wife of King Xerxes.

She was wise enough to let his own wickedness be his undoing. She didn’t condemn Haman to death with her words, or her demands upon her husband . . . she only petitioned her husband for an audience to hear the truth.

Hamen condemned himself with his own words. He can blame no one else for his undoing. He was even hung from the gallows that he intended for another

. As we hear those who fought so hard to try and impeach President Nixon 24 years ago, now defending similar actions by another president, we are reminded of Haman. Their gallows, constructed 24 years ago out of flimsy evidence, has solidified through the years, and stands ready to hang one of its builders.

Like Queen Esther, the Renaissance Women want the truth to set the people free.