Spiritual Warfare is Real! . . . are you Prepared for Battle?

During the month of October, Satan worshipers will be praying and fasting and will end it with a ceremony on their highest holy day, October 31. This is also the day your children celebrate by dressing up in costumes. But this day the masks are coming off.

The covens, witches, warlocks, spiritualists will gather that night to release curses and spiritual attacks against the city, the leaders, and especially pastors in this area. If you don’t believe in spiritual warfare, now is the time to become a believer. The battle lines are being drawn.

If you do believe, here is what you can do: Fast and pray to God in heaven, in the name of Jesus, for a binding of these spirits, and protection for all those targeted. But most importantly, pray for blessings on those trapped in the bondage of witchcraft and devil worship. God loves them .. .the devil hates them . . .it’s that simple.

So on the night Americans pretend to be something else, maybe is the night for Spirit-filled Christians to take the masks off, put their armor on, and do warfare in the name of Jesus.