The Apple Falls Not Far From the Tree

As George W. Bushes advisors convince him to move to the middle of the political road, he is telling conservatives, that not only are they irrelevant… they are a pain in the neck for him.

Not a problem… this has happened before… I call it the Rosa Parks theory of Republican politics. Her money was good enough to spend in local stores or stimulate the economy, but when it came to having a voice in the process, of being considered a viable and necessary addition to society, she was relegated to the back of the racial bus… just as conservatives are being relegated to the back of the political bus while they are expected to write checks to the heir apparent.

And then Republicans scratch their heads when Pat Buchanan considers running on a separate ticket, or when conservatives like Bob Smith leave the party, or when Gary Bauer wins straw polls.

George W. needs to ask himself, as he spins his inclusion rhetoric to everyone… but his base: Can he win without conservatives? Does he need them? Does he want them? Does he think they have an option of not voting for him?

Well, the answer is historical… its in the memoirs of the tree his apple just fell from… His dad’s.