The Next Civil Rights Movement In America and the World

We have seen, in the course of history, many movements that have liberated a group of people from bondage.

Whether it was racial, religious, or gender based. When there is an acknowledgment of discrimination or unjust treatment . . . our country has responded accordingly.

But there is a liberation movement that has been percolating just beneath the surface of society, and that is a liberation of the spirit. And the opposition is intense.

As God is trying to liberate His children from the bondage of sin, they are wrapping the chains tighter and tighter around themselves and telling Him to leave them alone.

As they seek spiritual truth, they delete God from the database of possible choices.

As they speak of world peace, they condone persecution against people of faith.

The one element that truly could, bring the world into order is ignored or rejected . . .that is the love of Jesus.

But the message that never seems to get past the doors of the church is that it is not about a religion, it is about a relationship . . . a relationship with the living God that is the greatest liberating power on earth.

It just takes courage to believe . . . and be free.

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