What Can You Do to Get Involved. . .

A lot of our listeners who call or visit the website have asked what they can do to get involved. They say they appreciate being informed, but they don’t know what to do with the information.

If a neighbor called you and said he sees a burglar breaking into your home, to hurt your family and steal you blind . . . what is your response? Do you say, gee, thanks for the call, I’ll think about it? Do you ignore it thinking they can’t possibly mean your house? Or do you take the warning to heart and take action? If it is a serious threat .. . you take it seriously. But if you have become used to it, you tend to ignore it.

The purpose of these commentaries is to get you to think, to act, to challenge status quo and not allow yourself to be manipulated or intimidated by powers that be. But I can’t do it for you.

Here are some suggestions though. Your greatest weapon is prayer. Start using it. Share what you hear with friends and neighbors, forward the commentaries to friends, call your representatives and hold them accountable. And stop thinking its hopeless.

This is Nina May reminding you, that you have a lot of power . . . start using it!