When Red Flags Go Up it is To Warn You… Not to Warm You

I recall someone with the NRA telling me years ago about a bill they were pushing in the Senate, and the night before the vote they learned that Ted Kennedy was going to support for it.

Knowing how consistently opposed to their legislation he had always been, they became concerned. Something must be wrong with it. They must not have worded it properly. The red flags went up.

The same scrutiny SHOULD be occurring in the Bush camp concerning Bill Clinton AND James Carville’s defense of his trashing the conservatives in the Republican party. Suddenly the democrats are concerned about the Republican frontrunner? Everyone is nodding in agreement that the base of the Republican party, and the majority of the electorate in America, conservatives… are meanspirited.

So when James Carville says, referring to conservatives, that “Bush knows everyone hates those clowns,” that somehow that is not meanspirited. Well maybe those conservative clowns, who are necessary for any election, need to find a new circus to play with.

But maybe that is exactly what Clinton and Carville are hoping for. Is it what Bush is hoping for too?