Which are More Valuable . . . Humans vs. Sea Turtles

In National Geographic’s kids magazine, there is an article about the plight of many baby sea turtles.

They say that law enforcement officials have seized enough illegal sea turtle items from international travelers to fill the shelves of a government crime lab in Ashland, Oregon. They also say, “Some people pay a lot of money for sea turtle parts and products such as stuffed turtles, turtle eggs, turtle-shell jewelry, turtle steaks .. . and turtle shell guitars. The high demand [of turtle parts] could easily result in the extinction of sea turtles.”

It’s too bad there aren’t articles in children’s magazine’s about people paying a lot of money for human baby parts in abortion clinics. One brochure advertising body parts boasts that, “We have over ten years experience in tissue harvesting and preservation.”

And although it is a federal crime to sell human flesh, they get around it by saying it is donated. Couldn’t we conclude that the turtles then, “donated” their shells, and body parts? Are butchered and dissected turtles really of more concern to our government than butchered and dissected human beings? And is this what we are teaching the children who survive this holocaust?