Why Should We Trust World Leaders… When We Can’t Trust Our Own

It is very interesting that President Clinton said congress displayed reckless partisan politics when they didn’t ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

He thinks we should blindly trust countries who support terrorism, build nuclear weapons on the side, and test without verification, even though they have promised they won’t.

But that is odd coming from a man who shook his finger in the face of America and SWORE he did not have sex with “that” woman.

He taught us not to trust political leaders. He is one who promised he would not raise taxes when he ran for office. He taught us not to believe in promises. He declared he was a common man, not part of the elite like his opponent, yet he sent his daughter to a very expensive private school.

He swore on national TV that he had never had an affair with Genifer Flowers but later admitted it.

He gave us reason to doubt everything he says. And now we are supposed to trust countries and leaders we did not elect and we know have repeatedly lifted their hand against us?

He taught us all that your word is not worth the paper it is printed on if you don’t intend to keep it.

Thank goodness, Congress learns quickly.