2000 Years After His Death A New Generation of Over-comers is Born

The Sixty’s counter-culture is now the establishment that they fought so hard to overthrow.  But they know, instinctively, that it is a matter of time before they are de-throwned and the next group of leaders displace them.

The only thing is, they are waiting for an heir apparent that they have trained on non-absolutes and amorality.  That is like planting a seed in a dark crack in the sidewalk and expecting it to blossom and bring forth fruit.

No, the revolution, the next move, will come from those they have been classified as the extremists and disenfranchised from the national debate. Those who clung to virtue as a matter of survival.

The ones who were raised by the hand a nurturing mother, who sacrificed her career, her desires, for her children, who would one day, raise a standard of excellence in the shaky ground of immorality.

The ones who have been rejected, ridiculed, scorned . . . will be the ones who will lead a dysfunctional nation.

Ironically, it’s like Christ, who was despised, rejected, abused, denied …but lead the world in peace and love. As we approach the new millennium, the coincidence is too great to be an accident.