Are Animals of More Value Than Humans?

It was interesting to see in the Washington Times, on October 18, two articles juxtaposed to each other.

Actually one was an ad informing people that partial birth abortion is not a partisan issue… that democrats are just as concerned about protecting the life of the unborn as republicans. And the other was an article about the incredible outrage, by animal rights activists, that the hair of a Chiru is being woven into shawls for the rich and beautiful.

The hair… mind you, not the hide.

The protestors estimate that 4,000 are killed per year. But it is counter-intuitive to believe that this number of slaughters really occur… it’s like killing the goose that laid the golden egg. They are only after the hair… or wool equivalent if it was a sheep.

How many shepherds kill their sheep after sheering them? But even if it is 4,000, how does that compare to 1.5 million human babies killed each year, just in America.

Oh, I know… we have 6 billion people… we can afford to slaughter a few million . . . we aren’t endangered after all.

Well, yes we are. When we put more value on animals than on human life… we have become the endangered species.