Are We Still Looking For a Few Good Men? … and What Do They Look Like?

“Everyone is looking for a ‘man’,” I heard a preacher say the other day. “Give us a man who isn’t afraid to preach the truth.”

I would add, “Give us a man who has the courage of his convictions, knows right from wrong, and who has the guts to express it. Give us a man who is a leader, not a follower, a winner, not a whiner.

That is such a contrast to the search for a man in the book of Genesis when the Sodomites surrounded Lot’s house because they had seen the angels enter there. They gathered outside yelling for Lot to “give them a man” . . . so they might know him sexually. Give them a man, so they might defile him. They were seeing man as a receptacle, for their own selfish desires and passions.

The man the preacher and I speak of is a man that God sees as a receptacle for His love and passion. A Bud Lite billboard spotted in England sums up the cultural redefining of men everywhere. A beautiful woman is saying, “I like men, I just hate their guts.” That is a subtle P.R. spin designed to further defile and demean men . . . much as the Sodomites wanted to do to the angels in Lot’s house.

This is Nina May challenging men to have guts to seek God’s purpose for them.