Either We Have Freedom to Choose… or We Don’t?

Recently on 20/20, journalist John Stossel listed a series of intrusive laws into peoples lives — everything from how eggs are prepared to what music should be played to infants.

It was decided that the justification for intruding on private behavior is to protect us from making unwise choices. But of all the unwise choices that were not mentioned… from choosing not to fasten a seat belt to choosing to eat fatty foods… was the unwise choice of abortion.

This somehow has slipped under the radar of the thought and action police. Suddenly, they think that women of all ages, should be spared from any government intrusion when making this devastating life-changing decision.

But these same girls would be given a ticket for not wearing a seat belt or disconnecting an air bag. The government looks the other way when it comes to abortion.

There is a huge inconsistency here that needs to be reconciled… otherwise we should base all government rules intruding in the privacy of individuals on Roe vs. Wade and tell the government it has no right passing any laws that deal with what we do, or don’t do, with our own bodies.