If Character Doesn’t Count for One… Should it Not For All?

There are a lot of rumors circulating about Senator John McCain’s temper. But if character doesn’t count, as we are reminded by the media every time President Clinton shows none, then why should anyone care about this character flaw?  And if he does have a temper, he has earned the right to show it.

He has the right to be angry at every draft dodger who slipped quietly away to Canada . . . or England, while he was a prisoner of war, for over five years, being tortured for believing in something greater than himself.

But what people are really overlooking, in this frantic effort to pin some flaw on yet another presidential hopeful, is why he has risen in the poles.

The political pundits are looking at the wrong “extremes” to determine the outcome of the election. It will not be the left vs. the right. It will be the courageous vs. the cowards, the people who believe in absolutes and integrity vs. those who believe in moral relativism.

The polsters should not be shocked that the natural backlash against Clinton is someone who embodies values, integrity, honesty, and guts . . . character traits we never saw in him.