Riddle: When Men Need Women to Tell Them How to be a man, are They Really Men?

I was so amused to see that Al Gore had to hire a woman to tell him how to be a man. Not because of the squirming and confirming, justifying and denying . . . but because he paid too much.

I would gladly give him advice for free, as I am sure millions of other women will when they vote.

But let’s look at what this female consultant believes, other than unrestrained sexual pleasure for the masses.

She liked the way Bill Clinton took his mistress, Gennifer Flowers, seriously.  She was convinced that Clinton respects women more than most male politicians.

Does that include his wife and daughter who he has repeatedly humiliated in front of the world? Does it include Paula Jones who was flashed, propositioned and then denied her day in court too? Does it include Monica Lewinsky that he used as a service stop and then abandoned her in her greatest hour of need?

So this is what we are to admire in our leaders . . . men who “take their mistresses seriously.” I’m sure with advisors like this, every wife in America is going to feel real comfortable voting for Al Gore.