The Bible Said We Would Redefine Words (To Reflect the Current State of Our Culture)

In 1777, the Continental Congress approved the purchase of 20,000 Bibles. In 1904, the 57th Congress, in an effort to restrain unethical behavior, voted to have copies of Thomas Jefferson’s book, “The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth” reprinted. It was then distributed to the members of the congress and senate. It was paid for with tax dollars and published by the Smithsonian Institution.

Today, using tax money to print and distribute a book on ethical behavior would be outrageous, yet we fund offensive and blasphemous art.

Today, schools and libraries fight hard to prevent Internet filters to protect children from online predators, but they object when it is suggested that religious books or the Bible are included in curriculum.

Today, books dealing with witchcraft and sorcery are taught in schools, but ones dealing with angels and the Holy Spirit are banned.

In less than one hundred years, as a nation, we have brought to life the verse in the Bible that says in the end days, they will call good evil, and evil, they will call good. Is this a coincidence?