The United Nations Muggers Finally Got the Wallet, But it Had Strings Attached

Well the congress finally caved and handed their wallet to the UN mugger. We are expected to pay 25% of the total UN budget… but get only one vote.

Do you know that some member countries pay as little as $10,000 a year and also have one vote… just like the U.S.? But one thing the U.S. did that was really smart, was to tie conditions to the money given to the U.N. banditos.

One of the conditions was to cut spending… trim the budget. And if they violate this spending cap, $565 million that the UN claims we owe, will not be paid. We also want our share of the budget reduced by three percent and our share of the peacekeeping operations reduced by six percent. And we want a position on the budget committee to oversee spending. The big question is, can the U.S. taxpayers do the same thing?

Can we refuse to pay our taxes until spending is cut, taxes are cut, and we have a greater voice in what our money is spent on? This is a wonderful precedent that all Americans should learn from.