They Loaded Up the Truck and Moved to the D.C. — “Washington That is!”

Before taking office, Clinton was proud of the fact that he and Hillary had never owned a home.  They were just middle class people who understood the plight of the poor, who lived in public housing.

So how did a homeless politician, making average wages, get to be a millionaire in the White House?

No one begrudges him success, but what is hypocritical is that when the rest of Americans are being bled to death with high taxes, unable to realize their American dream, they are told they are greedy and selfish if they want a tax cut.

Are the Clintons going to invite the poor to live in their $1.7 million dollar mansion, or will they stand on the balcony overlooking the middle class and continue to call them names while accusing the Republicans of balancing the budget on the backs of the poor?

You cannot keep up the ruse of being the voice for the poor when you have separated yourself from them, from sending your child to a private school, to hobnobbing with the wealthy, to spending $70 million dollars on boondoggle trips to Africa.

I guess the Clinton’s have finally put their money where their mouths are.