When Only a Few People are Allowed to Own Guns… No One is Safe

The anti-gun advocates always seem to be lobbying for more policemen, more law enforcement, and more power to the justice department to find and prosecute criminals. But why do they trust the government with guns and not their neighbors?

The only difference between their neighbor with a gun, and a policeman with a gun is the uniform.

Shouldn’t we just arm all citizens, deputize them, and make them responsible for their own actions and let them keep their own neighborhoods safe. We can’t trust them you say? Any more than we can trust the FBI that wiretaps, breaks down doors of innocent people, shoots mothers holding their babies, and torches religious people in their compounds?

If we are told by the government that we can’t trust citizens to own guns, this must necessarily include citizens who happen to work for the government. Does the second amendment only apply to Americans who work for the government and wear a uniform?

This is called a police state.  I doubt that was what the founding fathers had in mind when they put the Second Amendment into the constitution.