When the Definition of “Hate Crimes” Contradicts Religious Directives…

Hate Crimes bills, that target people with sincerely held religious beliefs, are unconstitutional, because, the state is showing hostility to various religions and preventing the free exercise of it.

For example a devote Muslim, who reads in his Koran that “Allah’s curse is upon women who appear like men and upon men who appear like women,” could be arrested for sharing this statement with a cross-dresser.  It could be considered a hateful statement, therefore a pure violation of the hate crimes bill.

So the teacher in Minnesota who complained to the Department of Human rights that a cross-dresser was using the women’s room could be arrested. Even if she is Muslim and the Koran teaches her this.

And for those wondering about what Allah thinks of Bill’s tryst with Monica, the Koran says, “Allah will not look at a person with pleasure who commits sodomy with a man or a woman.” But for a Muslim to express this might put them on the wrong side of the law.

Hopefully though, our lawmakers will realize that we already have laws that prevent hate crimes called assault, battery, slander and libel laws, and will leave the First Amendment alone.