Where Were You When They Needed You … or NOW, it’s Too Little Too Late

It is almost amusing that the “National Organization for a handful of Women” are just NOW hoping to raise awareness about the rapes and sexual harassment at Woodstock ‘99.

This is after they turned their backs on Paula Jones and her right to her day in court. It’s after they rejected Juanita Broderick’s claim to have been raped, when they never once questioned the dubious testimony of Anita Hill against Clarence Thomas. It’s after they continue to ignore an ever-expanding multi-billion dollar porn industry that has women and children as the victims. It’s after they reject the theory of common decency and respect when it comes to the portraying of women as sex objects in museums.

So suddenly they are shocked when women, running around nude, with drunk and rowdy men are sexually harassed? What did these women really think was going to happen? What does NOW really think was going to happen to them?

They should know. They have turned our adolescent men into predators, our old men into voyeurs, and our little boys into victims. And now they scream for justice? Where were they when these women really needed them?