Will Politicians Do Anything to Get a Vote? Sure Looks That Way

The House Committee on Government Reform subpoenaed a memo from a White House staffer saying that if Clinton granted clemency to the sixteen Puerto Rican terrorists, that it would help Al Gore win the Puerto Rican vote.

Well, why stop there? If votes are more important than national security and human lives what about granting Timothy McVeigh clemency? He could garner support from all the fringe militia groups. What about rapists and murders? But the group to appeal to, that would guarantee him victory, are the income tax evaders.

Thirty percent of the wage earners in America never file a tax return. He could grant clemency to all of them and be a sure winner in 2000. In fact, I am sure that most Americans would volunteer to be a part of that select group to gain clemency from the President. Even if it meant they would have to vote for Al Gore to express their thanks.

What the administration has really done, is insult the intelligence and integrity of the vast majority of the Puerto Rican population, who are law-abiding, and reject violence as a means to political end. But heh… anything for a vote.