Al Gore’s Lecture on Tolerance is Intolerant

I have asked many of my Jewish friends through the years what they would have done if they had lived in Nazi Germany during the religious persecution. Would they have resisted? Would they have worn the yellow star of David? At what point would they have seen their country going down that slippery slope and done something about it? Would it have been during a nationally televised debate between two members of the Socialist party running for President?

When one refers to a candidate from the Republican party as being intolerant because he acknowledges Christ as his favorite political philosopher? Was Bush supposed to lie to appease Al Gore’s religious litmus test?

If acknowledging that Christ is your favorite political philosopher earns you the badge of intolerance, then the vast majority of Americans could be walking around with yellow crosses stitched to their clothing, if Al Gore is elected.

Didn’t we learn anything from Hitler’s selective persecution against a specific religion?

Can someone please tell Al Gore that lesson, before he grows one of those silly little mustaches?