Alec Baldwin and Gun Control

Alec Baldwin, a multi-millionaire who is part of the liberal elite in Hollywood, has very definite ideas about how Henry Hyde and Republicans should be treated.

He shared his views during a tirade on the Conan O’Brien show on National TV. He whipped the crowd into a cheering frenzy by suggesting that they go to the Capitol and stone Henry Hyde, and then go to his home and kill his wife and kids.

This is interesting from a man who sued a photographer for trying to take a photo of his new born baby and wife as they returned from the hospital. He is not tolerant of his privacy being violated, yet he will call for the assassination of a public official and their wife and children.

But that aside, Alec Baldwin has now become the biggest argument against gun control. If this man, who obviously has a national forum, can incite millions of people to riot and kill, then the targeted people have no option but to protect themselves and their families by invoking the protection of the 2nd Amendment. So this is the saner, gentler side of liberalism?