Baby’s First Birthday Could Be the Most Important For a Number of Reasons

I recently attended the first birthday party for a little Korean girl. In the Korean culture, this traditionally is the most important birthday because if the child survived a year, the chances were good for a long life.

At the party, the parents are seated on both sides of the baby with a variety of objects in front of them including a pencil, money, and a book. The purpose is to see what the baby chooses first because that will determine what they will be in life.

For example, if they choose money, they will be in business or be wealthy. If they choose a book they will be a teacher or scholar.

So it is important to limit the choices your child has, just incase they reach for the wrong thing. But what is interesting is that this family put a Bible on the table as well. For them, that was as important a choice for the baby as wealth, education and profession. This clearly was a break with the Korean tradition. But by allowing the child to have access to the Word of God, they were giving her a choice at a happy life .. . no matter what else she chose on the table.

By the way . . . she chose the Bible. This is Nina May at asking if that would be your choice.